Feature Flitches

We offer many species, grades, cuts and figure types of veneer from all corners of the world. This gallery does not represent the entirety of our inventory, but features a cross section of the material we have to offer. If you have any questions, would like to check availability or receive full photo/tally sets be sure to call or email us

---------------- AAA Sapeli Pommele ----------------

AAA grade Sapeli Pommele log perfect for architectural grade projects! 

Contact your TVS representative for more information. 

------------ PRESERVATION COLLECTION ------------

Every tree deserves to be utilized to its fullest potential 

The Veneer Source is proud to offer a variety of species that have been reclaimed from rivers, bogs and lake beds, salvaged from buildings or sliced from fallen timbers.


  • Salvaged Douglas Fir
  • Salvaged Pine
  • Beetle Kill/Blue Stain Pine
  • Redwood
  • River Reclaimed Chestnut
  • River Reclaimed Hickory
  • River/Bog Reclaimed Oak
  • Salvaged Oak
  • Sinker Pine
  • Sinker Cypress
  • Spalted Maple
  • Spalted Ash


    ------ Architectural Quality Apple Veneer ------


    This Apple flitch has nearly 20,000sf of veneer from one log and lengths of 10-11'+. Most Apple logs only produce small sequences and short lengths. This material lends itself to sequence matched panels or plank match applications.

    Contact your TVS Representative for more information. See below for flitch photos and bundle tally.

    ------New Material Highlights------


    From figured Anigre to Ziricote we have plenty of options for your next architectural project.

    Contact us by clicking here for more information. 

    -------Fumed Larch-------

    The rich brown tone of our new fumed/smoked Larch log is sure to add a feeling of warmth and luxuriousness to your space!

    Check out the photos of the stock and bundle tally below then contact your The Veneer Source representative for more information or samples. 

    -------AA Circassian Walnut Burl-------

    This large sequence Circassian Walnut Burl is sure to turn heads and set your next project apart! The matching possibilities are endless with this high contrast burl. See full photo set and bundle tally below. Contact your TVS Representative today for more information. 

    Circassian Walnut.jpg

    --------Birdseye Maple--------

    10' Length AAA Quality Birdseye Maple

    Two flitches with 6,735sf of top quality veneer available.

    Sometimes unfavorable growing conditions create some of the most beautiful veneer. That is the case with our new parcel of Birdseye Maple. Attempts to start numerous new buds to collect more sunlight are aborted leaving many tiny knots behind. When sliced into veneer those knots create incredible depth and movement in the grain. See photos below and contact your TVS Representative for more information. 

    Flitch #3998: 2,872sf; 126" Long

    Flitch #5220: 3,862sf; 128" Long



    A 200 year old white oak log from Eastern Europe dating to 900 B.C. has been produced into the highest quality Bog Oak veneer the world has ever seen. The log produced 30,000 s/f of spectacular quality veneer up to 11’ in length.  The entire process of procuring and producing the log and the scientific findings through carbon dating have been published by a prestigious European university. This log is perfectly suited to that discerning client wanting a one of a kind product that will never be duplicated. This log also produced 2,000sf+ of 2.5mm flooring to tie together multiple surfaces.

    Bog to the mill... 

    Unmatched consistency and quality...

    Carbon dating report... 

    The Beauty of Contrast

    This beautiful Ebony flitch was destined for a one-of-a-kind project. It is not often that you come across a flitch with this much contrast or this linear of grain, let alone both in one flitch. 

    Leave your client in awe by using this eye catching veneer on your next project.

    Flitch #8008: 1,901sf; 320cm


    A new parcel of beautiful exotics has just arrived + a new cutting of Rift White Oak! Specie list and photos below. This is just a small cross section of what The Veneer Source has to offer! Contact your TVS Sales Rep for more info. 

    • Quartered Aformosia: CITES Certified
    • Quartered Ako
    • Quartered Anigre
    • Quartered Figured Etimoe
    • Quartered Mozambique
    • Rift English Brown Oak
    • Plain Sliced European Oak: Lengths up to 400cm
    • Rift White Oak: A-AAA Grade
    • Quartered Paldao
    • Plain Sliced Santos Rosewood
    • Sapeli Pommele
    • Quartered Ribbon Sapeli
    • Quartered Figured English Sycamore
    • Plain Sliced and Quartered Teak: Beautiful all golden material
    • Quartered Zebrawood


    Fresh off the slicer, this new parcel of American Black Walnut has medium-large sequence logs with 12'+ lengths. Walnut is one of the highest demanded species currently, so these logs will not last long. Contact your TVS Sales Rep for more information.


    We have several beautiful new parcels of veneer from across the world in stock. Please contact us if you have any questions or interest, we would love to help! Reach us @ (303)658-0530 x 102 or by email.